Hiring Company Recruiting Process

The objective of the company hiring an employee is to determine if the Recruiter will provide a suitable candidate to fill a position within a reasonable time and at a reasonable cost.

  1. Contact a Recruiter. Determine if a specific Recruiter will meet the goals and objectives required. Qualify the Recruiter by mail or telephone.
  2. Prepare a Job Order. Create a Job Order and provide the appropriate information to specific Recruiters.
  3. Recruiter identifies candidates. Candidates are prescreened by the Recruiter according to Job Order Specifications, qualified candidates are then presented to hiring company.
  4. Recruiter selects candidates. Upon completion of the search and interview process by the Recruiter, three to five potential candidates will be identified and presented to the hiring company. The candidate's skills should closely match the criteria that the hiring company initially established.
  5. Company selects candidate. A suitable candidate will be identified if the job requirements are presented accurately by the company, and the recruiter provides candidates according to requirements outlined by the company.
  6. Candidate offered position. The job seeking candidate will be provided with an offer by the hiring company or Recruiter. Determine if the candidate will accept the position. If the position not accepted, the Recruiter will ask "why not?"
  7. Candidate is hired. Candidate is hired by the company. The remaining fee is paid to the Recruiter by the hiring company prior to new employee's first day of work.

If a suitable candidate is not identified by the Recruiter or the hiring company, it must be determined exactly why a candidate was not hired. Did the position requirements change or did the Recruiter not provide the appropriate candidates according to the initial requirements? Answers to those questions are required.