Recruiter to Recruiter Networking

A Recruiter allocates 50% of the time identifying companies that will pay a Recruiter a fee if an individual is hired. The candidate must meet the specific Job Order requirements established by the hiring company in order to interview with hiring companies that Recruiters work with. This is the reason that Recruiters state, "I work for the company not the candidate!" (remember a candidate must get the Recruiter a resume to be found). The remaining 50% of a Recruiters time is allocated to identification of potential candidates that could fill positions if the appropriate opportunity should become available.

The Job Order is an open requisition in a company to fill a position which a Recruiter Fee will be paid, if the ideal candidate is identified by the Recruiter, introduced to the company, and hired by the company the Recruiter attempts to establish an interview between the potential employee and the hiring company, when the ideal candidate is identified according to the position requirements of a company,. If the candidate is hired, the Recruiter earns a hiring fee paid by the hiring company. If a Recruiter does not find a suitable candidate to fill the position, then the Recruiter may loose the Job Order that was originally obtained to another Recruiter that has identified a potential candidate. The company may also hire a candidate without a Recruiters assistance, thus no recruitment fee is paid.

The most effective Recruiters have established lead networks that enable them to network Job Orders and match potential candidates for job openings, this networking assists in reducing the Job Order loss potential. This process is transparent to the hiring company, and is not a concern to them. Any fee paid by the hiring company is to the Recruiter with the Job Order, the Recruiter may split that fee, usually 50/50, with another Recruiter that has a candidate that will match the hiring companies requirements. The Recruiter then provides payment to the Recruiter with the candidate once the fee is paid by the hiring company. This payment is typically on the start date of the new employee.

The form in this section is the Recruiters Split Commission process. This form may be utilized by Recruiters to develop a working relationship with another Recruiter in the Job Order and candidate split process. This process enables Recruiters to track candidates and the interview process for commission splits. By reproducing the form on the following page entitled: "Recruiter to Recruiter Candidate Split Commission Proposal." The Recruiter initiates the split process with this form, and introduces the candidate to the Recruiter with the Job Order.