Resume requirements for a Recruiter

A Recruiter requires specific information from the job seeking candidate prior to presenting credentials to a potential hiring company. Understand that Recruiters do not type or write resumes. If a job seeker expects to become a viable candidate for job opportunities through a Recruiter, a resume must be professionally prepared. Recruiters do not have the luxury of time to educate individuals in the art of resume preparation, that is the job seeker's responsibility. Job and interview opportunities will be lost by experimenting with the "How To…" books or by the inexperienced resume writing companies.

The following minimum information with a cover letter, as outlined in this publication, with a professional resume, maximum of 2 pages, is required for a Recruiter to work with a candidate. The following is a list of items that should appear in a resume prepared by a professional. This is not a suggested resume format. A Functional and a Chronological resume is required with the information listed below. Functional identifies specific areas of proficiencies, skills and expertise, Chronological identifies the companies where those skills were acquired. Contact The Original Resume Company for professional resume preparation or consultation at 978 250 9825 or 978 957 6600.

Resume Requirements

1. Education:
Month and year started and completed, if still attending indicate "Present", Name of School, City and State and program attending or Degree.
SEP 1990 TO JUN 1994 -- University of Massachusetts, Boston--Massachusetts Bachelor of Science, Business Administration

2. Training Course or Seminar name, indicate date, school providing training.
Dale Carnegie Sales, 1996, Waltham--Massachusetts, Certificate

3. Certification or Licenses held: Identify any active license & number, State certified, indicate date and if active or not active.
  • Real Estate License -- Boca Raton, Florida, Active
  • CPR Certified, American Red Cross -- Massachusetts, 1996, Exp: 1998
4. Affiliations and professional organizations
Boston Chamber of Commerce, active member since 1994

5. Computer knowledge and understanding, identify experience levels as follows:
  • Working knowledge
  • Proficient
  • Strong understanding
Computer Hardware
IBM and Macintosh personal computers, IBM Main Frame, Voice Mail
Computer Software
WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, MS Word, Excel, Access, Internet, E Mail, Quickbooks, Windows 95, MS DOS, Novell Networks, C++ Programming, working knowledge

6. Languages: Identify written, spoken, conversational
Example: French - written and spoken

7. Awards: Personal and professional (commendation letter, sales performance)
Example: Employee of The Month

8. Skills & Expertise: (specific to your occupation)
Example: General Accounting, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Profit & Loss Statements, Expense Reports Audits

9. Work Experience for each job:
Month and year of employment, company name, City, State, position title, general company description; explanation of each job and responsibilities, supervisory skills, accomplishments, promotions, expertise